There are three monsters; Bem, who looks like a thug, Belo looks like a child, and Bela, a witch. They act as agents of justice and hope to be accepted as humans. Download ost anime Bem

Download Anime Opening Bem Maaya Sakamoto - Uchuu no Kioku
Title : Bem Opening
Type : Full
Singer: Maaya Sakamoto
Format : Mp3 (320Kbps)
Size : 7,76 Mb
Duration : 3,15 Minutes

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Uchuu no Kioku Opening - Bem

Ost Anime Bem insert song mp3 download 

Download Anime Ending Bem JUNNA - Iru Imi
Title : Bem - Ending
Type : Full
Singer: JUNNA
Format : Mp3 (320Kbps)
Size : 9,87 Mb
Duration : 4,14 Minutes

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Iru Imi Ending - Bem

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