Fairy Gone

The story is set in a world where the existence of fairies is real and lives in the body of an animal, resulting in the animal has a special power. By moving and transplanting animal organs into the human body, making humans able to summon fairies and use them as weapons. They are referred to as "Fairy Soldiers". After a long war, the soldiers returned to normal life. Some are in government, mafia, and some even become terrorists. Each of them lives their own lives. download lagu anime Fairy Gone

Download Anime Opening Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai (K)NoW_NAME – KNOCK on the CORE
Title : Fairy Gone Opening
Type : Full
Singer: (K)NoW_NAME
Format : Mp3 (320Kbps)
Size : 9.3 Mb
Duration : 3,44 Minutes

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KNOCK on the CORE Opening - Fairy Gone

Ost Anime Fairy Gone insert song mp3 download 

Download Anime Ending Fairy Gone  KNoW_NAME – Ash-like Snow
Title : Fairy Gone - Ending
Type : Full
Singer: KNoW_NAME
Format : Mp3 (320Kbps)
Size : 10,5 Mb
Duration : 4,13 Minutes

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Ash-like Snow Ending - Fairy Gone
Solidfiles Google Drive Box 10,5 MB

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